Kaazing Introduces IBM MQ Service for Kaazing WebSocket Gateway to Modernize Enterprises’ IT Infrastructures

New Service Enhances End-to-End Application Integration Solution for Global 2000 Enterprises by Connecting Back-End Systems to HTML5 Apps

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 13, 2017 – Kaazing, the leader in scalable, end-to-end application-to-application integration for the enterprise, today introduced Kaazing IBM MQ Service, a major enhancement to the company’s flagship solution, Kaazing WebSocket Gateway (KWG). Simplifying and streamlining integration, the new service offers full support for IBM MQ messaging middleware within KWG, and the result is the industry’s highest performance solution for connecting IBM MQ infrastructure to web and mobile clients. Through Kaazing IBM MQ Service and KWG, Kaazing is enabling Global 2000 enterprises to deliver next-generation mobile apps to millions of users by seamlessly connecting their back-end systems to web and mobile clients.

Today’s enterprises face significant challenges created by their increasingly complex IT infrastructures. Companies require highly scalable cloud solutions that can serve millions – not hundreds or thousands – of mobile users to keep up with today’s 24/7 pace of business, innovation imperatives and customer demands. Established integration approaches are too rigid, slow and cumbersome to support these goals: The infrastructure technologies necessary to serve enterprises’ next-generation mobile, web and chat-enabled products need to be reliable, agile and scalable. They must also be sufficiently secure to ensure that enterprises’ increasingly distributed networks are protected.

Enterprises such as major banks and logistics companies have tried various combinations of disparate middleware technologies to provide access to legacy data, all too often attempting to accommodate conflicting critical requirements. The result is costly, inefficient and non-integrated IT infrastructures that do not scale to support enterprises’ needs as they evolve into digital businesses delivering the real-time experiences that consumers and employees now demand.

The introduction of Kaazing IBM MQ Service provides enterprises with a secure, cost-efficient extension for their middleware implementations. Not only that, but Kaazing IBM MQ Service is the highest-performing solution in the industry. It has been designed to fit directly into existing architectures without requiring prohibitively costly, time-intensive and risky “rip and replace” operations. Kaazing IBM MQ Service provides fully integrated support for IBM MQ messaging middleware, seamlessly extending KWG with IBM MQ and its accompanying legacy data, enabling low-latency access to legacy assets from web and mobile clients. As a result, enterprises can develop and deliver scalable, high performance and innovative mobile solutions that would not have been viable using their existing IBM MQ installations.

“Forward-thinking enterprises understand that in order to remain competitive, they need to modernize their IT infrastructures to take advantage of cloud economies and mobile technologies – and sooner rather than later,” said Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and Vice President, Constellation Research. “To achieve this goal, it’s highly recommended that enterprises utilize vendor-agnostic application integration technologies that can ‘bridge the gap’ between legacy middleware and scalable modern systems. Enterprises that take this approach will be well-positioned to simultaneously embrace digital transformation and deliver the rich mobile experiences that customers now require.”

Kaazing currently has more than 60 Global 1000 customers that are using KWG with a variety of message brokers including TIBCO, AMQP Redis, and Rabbit MQ to integrate more than 500,000 applications worldwide. By adding full native support for IBM MQ, Kaazing is uniquely positioned to provide a complete end-to-end solution to more than 90 percent of message broker requirements of Global 1000 enterprises.

Key features of Kaazing IBM MQ Service include:

  • Property-Based Routing: Through the property-based routing capabilities of Kaazing IBM MQ Service, hundreds of thousands of virtual queues can all share the same physical queue in IBM MQ Queue Manager, with KWG providing a single subscription to that queue. This dramatically reduces the resources required and provides a significant performance improvement, as messages can be delivered to individual users with minimal impact on the MQ.
  • Shared Topic Wildcard Subscription: This feature allows a single subscription from KWG to a wildcard topic name to serve thousands of the KWG clients subscribing to different individual topics.
  • Optimized Queue Receivers Handling: Kaazing IBM MQ Service allows multiple messages to be sent to each client before they are acknowledged. This read ahead capability enables optimized handling of queue receivers using IBM MQ’s native API.
  • KWG Integration & Optimization: With Kaazing IBM MQ Service, the configuration of KWG is easier than ever before. Connections from KWG to IBM MQ can be fully secured, and the addition of Kaazing Enterprise Shield enables an application to access data with no open firewall ports. Furthermore, a key differentiator of Kaazing IBM MQ Service’s support is the ability to deliver optimal performance even with a high latency connection between KWG and the Queue Manager. Finally, KWG was specifically designed to deliver optimal performance under high latency conditions, and can therefore be seamlessly run on leading cloud platforms (such as AWS and Microsoft Azure) by connecting to customers’ existing infrastructures.

“The message we’ve consistently heard from our customers across the financial services and logistics sectors – which are highly dependent on the secure exchange of real-time data to huge user bases – is that they need technologies that can help them keep up with the speed of business,” said Bob Miller, CEO, Kaazing. “Big banks, for example, realize that in order to compete with fintech startups that aren’t encumbered by both bricks-and-mortar branches and sprawling legacy IT infrastructures, they need secure, real-time mobile solutions that can reach their customers anywhere and at any time. With the wide range of integration capabilities of the new Kaazing IBM MQ Service, we are enabling enterprises to deliver those solutions by fully leveraging all of their legacy data without making any changes to their backend systems. Furthermore, with Kaazing IBM MQ Service we are addressing the vast majority of the ESB and MQ market that has a critical need for a modernized solution that can leverage mobile and cloud technologies.”

Kaazing IBM MQ Service is available now, and to learn more, please contact us: https://kaazing.com/contact/

To learn more about Kaazing’s product portfolio, including the new Montage Studio app authoring platform added through Kaazing’s acquisition of Montage Studio announced today, please visit: https://kaazing.com/products/

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Kaazing is the leader in scalable, end-to-end application-to-application integration for the enterprise. With Kaazing’s enterprise-grade solutions, including an integrated application development environment, customers can securely and cost-effectively respond to digital consumers’ demand for personalized services and support via real-time web and mobile apps. Furthermore, with Kaazing, customers can dramatically reduce the IT costs and time associated with merging and securing systems, and can move their services from on-premise to cloud to containers without requiring changes to their applications. Kaazing customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and one of the top three transportation companies in the United States.