Kaazing Acquires Montage Studio to Enable Rapid Delivery of Secure, Real-Time, Web-Scale Enterprise Mobile Apps

App Building Platform Enables Enterprises to Embrace Digital Transformation and Deliver World-Class, Device-Independent Customer Experiences

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 13, 2017 – Kaazing, the leader in scalable, end-to-end application-to-application integration for the enterprise, today announced the acquisition of Montage Studio, a company whose app authoring platform enables enterprises to quickly and easily design, build and deploy highly immersive mobile and web apps. Through the acquisition, Kaazing now offers enterprises an end-to-end set of enterprise infrastructure and application integration solutions to help them embrace digital transformation and deliver world-class customer and employees experiences.

Today’s enterprises are facing increasing pressure to deliver engaging, user-friendly and highly scalable real-time mobile apps and services to keep pace with leaner, more nimble competitors. Many of these enterprises, however, rely on highly complex, outdated legacy IT infrastructures that cannot accommodate the scalability, security and performance requirements of today’s mobile services. As a result, enterprises are struggling to not only attract new customers, but to respond to existing customers who increasingly expect to be able to conduct business anytime, anywhere. Employees too are demanding usable, flexible access to business systems on the right device at the right time, creating an even greater development backlog.

The acquisition of Montage Studio – and the addition of its app authoring platform (also known as Montage Studio) to Kaazing’s product portfolio – means Kaazing is now able to offer an end-to-end application-to-application integration solution that connects the enterprise data center all the way to customer- and employee-facing apps. With Montage Studio, customers can quickly and easily design and build mobile apps using web technology, enabling them to deliver these apps to any device on any operating system without any changes required. By utilizing the “design and build just once” approach of Montage Studio, enterprises can dramatically reduce the time and resources required to build and maintain their apps, while being able to offer the solutions to a far larger customer pool than ever before.

Montage Studio was founded in 2012 on the simple vision of a true web-native framework and authoring tool of unprecedented depth, combined into one creative, cloud-based collaborative environment, using the MontageJS framework.

“Enterprises today are in a difficult position, as they’re expected to deliver the kind of immersive and user-friendly mobile apps that customers have come to expect, but these organizations can only be as nimble as their legacy infrastructure allows,” said Bob Miller, CEO, Kaazing. “With the addition of Montage Studio’s app authoring platform to the Kaazing portfolio of connectivity solutions, our enterprise customers – many of whom are in financial services – are now able to rapidly, and at much lower cost, build and deliver apps and services for a cloud-like experience at the speed of their competitors. In many cases, this ability to deliver a stellar customer experience takes those enterprises from a state of fighting for survival to a leadership position in their industries.”

By leveraging the open source MontageJS framework, Montage Studio helps enterprises’ app development teams quickly and easily build complex and responsive single-page applications in the cloud. Montage Studio brings drag-and-drop ease to assembling MontageJS applications and helps manage development workflow, from creating and managing a project to previewing, testing and preparing an application for production. Customers utilizing Montage Studio to drive their businesses forward include AMD, Aerohive Networks and the Pacific Disaster Center.

To learn more about Kaazing’s product portfolio, including the new Kaazing IBM MQ Service announced today, please visit: https://kaazing.com/products/

To learn more about Montage Studio, please visit: https://kaazing.com/products/montage-studio

About Kaazing

Kaazing is the leader in scalable, end-to-end application-to-application integration for the enterprise. With Kaazing’s enterprise-grade solutions, including an integrated application development environment, customers can securely and cost-effectively respond to digital consumers’ demand for personalized services and support via real-time web and mobile apps. Furthermore, with Kaazing, customers can dramatically reduce the IT costs and time associated with merging and securing systems, and can move their services from on-premise to cloud to containers without requiring changes to their applications. Kaazing customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and one of the top three transportation companies in the United States.