WebSocket Cheat Sheet: One of the Great Refcardz by DZone

Peter Lubbers created a WebSocket cheat sheet packed with stuff you always wanted to know about WebSockets.

The card gives you an overview of essential topics, including:

  • WebSocket protocol
  • WebSocket API
  • WebSocket servers
  • WebSocket debugging using the Chrome Dev Tools
  • WebSocket in the real world

Here’s the description of the card:

This Refcard explores WebSocket, a revolutionary new communication feature in the HTML5 specification, which defines a full-duplex communication channel that operates over the Web through a single socket. WebSocket is not just another incremental enhancement to conventional HTTP communications; it represents a major advance, especially for real-time, event-driven web applications. “Reducing kilobytes of data to 2 bytes… and reducing latency from 150ms to 50ms is far more than marginal. In fact, these two factors alone are enough to make WebSocket seriously interesting to Google.” —Ian Hickson, HTML5 Specification Lead, Google