Kaazing’s products enhance software performance and simplify development while retaining an unparalleled level of security. We know this because we use them to build full solutions using them. Creating these solutions not only offers us the chance to create useful vertical solutions, but it drives requirements for our software products and ensures that they meet the highest possible quality standards. Working with our clients we are building a portfolio of solutions that combine their vertical expertise with our technical abilities, creating powerful tools that scale economically. The first of these solutions is DisasterAWARE Enterprise, creating in association with the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC).

Kaazing’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, powered by the PDC’s cloud-based platform, provides commercial enterprises with high-quality, real-time information about natural disasters and other emergency situations. You can easily integrate information from different sources, model relief scenarios, and employ mapping technologies to provide situational awareness, decision support, and information to disaster management decision makers.