Disasters Wreak Havoc on Business

In today’s global economy, disasters constantly threaten the safety of your staff and to disrupt your business operations. Storms, floods, earthquakes, and similar events frequently trigger a domino effect, causing serious, and at times irreparable harm to your employees, suppliers and your business. Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

Would your Business Survive a Disastrous Interruption?

Insurance awards and government aid are often “too little, too late” to keep business operations going. With better access to information and planning, you can avoid or lessen impacts of hazards altogether. When catastrophic events occur, companies that have prepared to ensure the safety of their staff and the continuity of operations and supply chains will not only better withstand the crisis, but will also emerge stronger and better positioned than their competitors to serve existing and new customers.

  • 49% of businesses do not have a comprehensive business continuity plan
  • 90% of businesses fail within 2 years of being struck by a disaster
  • $148B in economic losses is the annual average uninsured businesses sustain

Sound Business Sense

Go Beyond Business Continuity Plans

A business continuity plan (BCP) outlines the steps to take to assure continuity of operations after a disaster’s impact. While critically important, there are many more opportunities to improve your business’ resilience by focusing on risk reduction measures, before a disaster occurs. With the ability to track potential risks hazards, you could take preventive actions such as relocating staff, assets, or delaying shipments, further minimizing the impact of a disaster to your business before it even occurs.

  • Employee Safety

  • Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan

  • Asset Protection

The Business Resilience Solution

Kaazing’s Sentinel, powered by Pacific Disaster Center’s (PDC) DisasterAWARE, is a cloud-based platform that provides commercial enterprises with high-quality, real-time information about natural disasters and other emergency situations. You can easily integrate information from different sources, model relief scenarios, and employs mapping technologies to provide situational awareness, decision support, and information to disaster management decision makers.

This highly visual and intuitive application is the most comprehensive solution available today to help you increase your business’ resilience, improve your planning processes and execute your business continuity plans. DisasterAWARE has been under development for the last 15 years by the leading industry professionals, and used operationally by US and international agencies for a decade. This unrivaled source of information and insight is now available to your business.


The Most Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertip

  • Near Real-Time Multi-Hazard Tracking

    Sentinel continually monitors reliable data sources and scientific models and methods to offer near real-time awareness of natural and manmade hazards worldwide. In-depth details on events deemed potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets are continuously updated and available to decision makers.

  • A Crystal Ball is Better Than Insurance

    Predictive impact modeling algorithms applied by data scientists at PDC continuously refine how major hazards, such as hurricanes and wildfires, may evolve in the hours and days following first impact. This unique integrated perspective allows your business to better prepare to ensure continuity of operations.


Powerful Analysis and Collaboration Tools

  • Map Your Data in Context

    Sentinel offers to import data, like the location of your staff, offices, and supply chain routes, to understand and estimate proximity of danger. Combined with 2,000+ interactive layers bringing an unparalleled depth of context, you can better estimate affected areas and potential impacts of hazards to business operations.

  • Advanced Collaboration Tools

    Business Continuity and risk prevention are cross-functional concerns and effective communication is critical. Sentinel enables users and their teams to report, annotate and easily share information within the application. Real-time notifications extends this collaboration to people who may be on a mobile device.


Superior User Experience. Any Device, Any Time

  • Superior User Experience, Any Device

    Sentinel is a universal application designed for professionals who use a range of devices and screen sizes, from high definition monitors to smartphones. A highly intuitive and consistent user experience makes Sentinel’s deep feature set extremely easy to use.

  • High Security, Availability & Scalability

    Sentinel keeps imported business data safe and only accessible to authorized users. As a cloud-based, enterprise-grade tool, Sentinel is always available from anywhere in the world, even without internet connectivity, as Sentinel has been designed to be usable offline.

Refined for a Decade

Used by World Leaders in Disaster Risk Reduction

When a every minute makes a difference in lives saved, DisasterAWARE’s superior user experience helps decision makers at United Nations agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense, FEMA, the Association of South East Nations (ASEAN), numerous foreign governments and many humanitarian relief agencies to quickly visualize and understand vast amounts of data to prepare and act – both before the onset of catastrophic events and afterwards. DisasterAWARE has played a critical role in assisting in the wake of major disasters like the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, the Zika epidemic, and most recently, Hurricane Matthew.