kaazing.io is a next generation iPaaS that allows organizations to securely stream data over the web between backend services and clients at massive scale. It simplifies the development, deployment and support of enterprise-grade, realtime applications and systems. Based on the open-source Reaktivity Project, kaazing.io is unrivaled in terms of performance and extensibility.

Reaktivity extends the microservices approach to networking by decomposing the Protocol Stack and allowing each constituting protocol to be handled by an individual thread/core on a machine. The communication between the decomposed protocols running on separate cores is carried over shared memory. As a result, Reaktivity not only allows kaazing.io to virtually add zero latency to data streams but also interconnect a wide range of services irregardless of the protocols they speak. For example, kaazing.io can securely connect to either on-premise or cloud based data sources, whether they are REST APIs or brokers such as Kafka, and extend them over the web to everything from IoT devices to mobile applications.