What is KWIC?

Your boss wants your new application running on the public cloud NOW, but it needs to securely connect to your existing infrastructure. Setting up a site-to-site VPN between your data center and the public cloud is going to take way too long.

KAAZING WebSocket Intercloud Connect (KWIC - pronounced quick), delivers simple, secure, hybrid cloud connectivity. No hardware required.

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You and your boss know that "time is money" and deploying your secure hybrid cloud by waiting several weeks to several months to be operational with a VPN, is simply not acceptable. You're also keenly aware of the ongoing maintenance associated with ensuring your VPN is locked down.

By choosing KWIC instead, with just a few clicks, you can create your secure B2B hybrid cloud fabric without opening ANY inbound firewall ports. And KWIC allows you to connect one or multiple on premise services to your cloud provider, so there’s no limit to your hybrid cloud fabric.

What do Customers Say?

BMC, a leader in the ITSM market, is leveraging KWIC in their OnDemand Product Suite.

We are benefiting from using Kaazing’s technology as it significantly simplifies the integration process between Cloud and on-premise solutions by eliminating VPNs while ensuring a secure real-time connection over the Web. The BMC Client Gateway, powered by Kaazing, makes the integration process less invasive and easier for our customers.
Nandu Mahadevan
Vice President, SaaS Operations.

How Can I Get Started?

As an Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure user, with KWIC you can easily and securely access your on-premise LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory, PostgrSQL, MySQL/MariaDB or Redis with just a few clicks. Sign up today through the AWS Marketplace or the Azure Marketplace.

Watch the video to see how simple it is.

KWIC is also available in a fully downloadable version.

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