Kafka Streaming

Scalable, Realtime Apps Powered by Kafka and kaazing.io

A New Approach to Reatlime Apps

Trying to figure out how to build a resilient realtime app? Look no further. With Apache Kafka and kaazing.io, broadcast alerts, fanout updates and push data to limitless devices in micros of a second with ease and peace of mind.

Realtime Backend

Apache Kafka adds realtime capabilities to server systems. As a high performance message bus, it provides a pipeline through which different services such as APIs, databases, etc. can stream messages amongst each other. Because Kafka handles live data, it’s an ideal backend for realtime mobile and web apps.

Extending Kafka Across the Web

Despite its power inside the datacenter, Kafka is not optimized for clients outside of it. kaazing.io seamlessly connects to a Kafka instance and subscribes to messages that need to be delivered over the web. Then, using Server Sent Events (SSE) it streams these message to either browsers or mobile apps. Because SSE is an HTML5 standard, exisiting and new apps are extremely easy to set up to receive these live streams of data.

kaazing.io’s simplicity does not mean though that its compromised on features. Advanced security capabilities include end-to-end encryption and access control (set which app users receive which data) while performance innovations ensure that no matter what, users will receive, the right data, at the right time in the right form. Building a secure, realtime app that can handle massive scale has never been so easy.

Near Zero Latency

Millions of Messages / Sec

Globally Distributed

End-to-End Encryption

No Open Ports Required

Access Control & Authorization

Use Case: Mobile Betting

A global gaming parlor looking to go digital has turned to Kaazing to power its mobile betting app. Whether it’s a horse race or a boxing match, kaazing.io is ensuring that hundreds of thousand of mobile users always know exactly what’s at stake.

Getting Started

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