Kaazing prepares and protects worldwide assets and employees of major cloud company with DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

Deep historic data and predictive modeling help companies stay ahead of the curve 
before natural disasters happen
San Jose, CA, June 4, 2018 —On the heels of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Kaazing has worked with Citrix enabling the company to leverage the most advanced enterprise risk intelligence platform in the industry, DisasterAWARE Enterprise™.

Citrix is using DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ to prepare and protect its business and human assets worldwide. This is the same powerful technology used exclusively by top U.S. federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the globe for over a decade powered by Pacific Disaster Center’s global, cloud-based DisasterAWARE platform.

“It is critical to an organization like Citrix to stay ahead when it comes to natural disasters. Some key elements we are looking for in a leading risk management solution include: receiving advanced notifications, assessments of magnitude, and quantifiable impact of natural hazards on a global scale. Historical data combined with risk assessment estimates—before, during and after—in one platform helps my team stay prepared and help protect our employees.”

Jeffrey Dean, CPP, Director, Global Security Risk Services at Citrix

Jeff on risk assessment: “DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ allows my team to compile quick global status updates and assessments for our management team. In the past, we had to manually gather information from different data sources, which required a lot more labor and hours.

Additionally, my team uses DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ for site planning prior to making decisions about where to open new offices that may potentially intersect with risky flood zones or be vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other kinds of hazards.

It’s all about minimizing risk and maximizing our business resilience.”  

Jeff on protecting employees and securing assets: “In fact, during this year’s annual hurricane preparedness, which ran for several days and involved all of Citrix’s cross-functional Emergency Response Team stakeholders, we leveraged DisasterAware Enterprise™ as an integral analysis tool clearly depicting all aspects of the hurricane threat—from Watch to Warning—and how to most efficiently move our employees out of harm’s way and secure Citrix structural assets. This translates to reducing costs associated with risks and underscores Citrix’s goal for operational excellence.”

“There is an imperative to get ahead of the curve, not pay the price of being behind it. In Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria and in California during the wildfires, the world has seen what happens when you get behind. We are truly excited to empower Jeff and the team at Citrix with access to global hazard early warning, monitoring and highly accurate predictive impact modeling for risk management and business continuity planning worldwide.”
Bob Miller, CEO, Kaazing

The Software as a Service (SaaS) – DisasterAWARE Enterprise key features include:

    • Timely multi-hazard incident, historical and observational data in one
    • Turn data into actionable insight in near real-time
    • Easily import business asset and other data to receive warnings and alerts
    • From official updates, thousands of live traffic cameras and Twitter
    • In operational use for 15 years, in 65 countries, in 6 languages
    • Accessible anytime, anywhere, online or offline, including desktop
    • A Risk Intelligence platform on its own or complementing current EOC/BCP/ ERM/GRC solutions

About Kaazing:

Kaazing is the leading provider of event-driven, over-the-web connectivity for enterprise. Its key differentiators are scalability, security, and speed of delivery with the most cost-effective solution.

Kaazing’s customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and two of the top three transportation companies in the World.

Kaazing: https://kaazing.com DisasterAWARE Enterprise: http://disasteraware.com

Press Contact:
Kaazing – Virve Virtanen, +1 914 536 3712

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