Kaazing Appoints Richard M Marshall As Chief Marketing Officer

Kaazing Appoints Richard M Marshall As Chief Marketing Officer

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 17, 2017 – Kaazing, the leader in scalable enterprise connectivity technology, today announced the appoint of Richard M Marshall, PhD as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Marshall will report directly to Bob Miller, CEO.

Kaazing is a leading provider of a secure, web-scale communications backbone for mobile-first customers and the connected enterprise. With digital transformation a corporate imperative, these communications capabilities are essential element of every enterprise network.

“Richard has a rare ability to communicate complex concepts in simple terms,” Miller said. “He has a clear vision of how enterprises move to digital business and was immediately able to explain how Kaazing becomes a critical element in digital transformation. This insight is particularly valuable in a market when many consumers know they need to make a move, but are confused about how to proceed. Richard’s experience as a Gartner analyst and long history of bringing technology to the market will make an invaluable contribution to Kaazing.”

Marshall has just spent the last five years as a Gartner analyst covering the mobile app development space, including leading the App Design and Development team. This role provides a broad perspective on the evolving world of software development in an always-on, always-connected app delivery.

“When I looked at Kaazing’s current and planned products I saw a massive opportunity,” Marshall said. “Every company that wants to survive needs digital transformation, and to do that they need Kaazing’s products – the current proven offerings as well as what is coming soon. I am really excited to be joining this amazing team and looking forward to helping the market evolve.”

Prior to joining Gartner, Marshall was an entrepreneur for many years, including creating DOORS, now part of IBM Rational Suite, and driving it to becoming the world standard for requirements management, then recognizing the importance of mobile apps in 2004 and capitalizing on it by founding Rapid Mobile. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.

About Kaazing

Kaazing is the leader in scalable, end-to-end application-to-application integration for the enterprise. With Kaazing’s enterprise-grade solutions, including an integrated application development environment, customers can securely and cost-effectively respond to digital consumers’ demand for personalized services and support via real-time web and mobile apps. Furthermore, with Kaazing, customers can dramatically reduce the IT costs and time associated with merging and securing systems, and can move their services from on-premise to cloud to containers without requiring changes to their applications. Kaazing customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and one of the top three transportation companies in the United States.