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Checklist: Build Microsoft .NET WebSocket Clients

This checklist provides the steps to enable your .NET Framework application to communicate with Kaazing Gateway using the signed client libraries:

# Step Topic or Reference
1 Learn about supported browsers, operating systems, and platform versions. Release Notes
2 Learn how to use the WebSocket API provided by the Kaazing .NET CLient SDK. Interact with Kaazing Gateway Using the WebSocket API
3 Learn how to authenticate your client with the Gateway. Secure Your Microsoft .NET Client
4 Set up logging for your Kaazing .NET client. Display Logs for .NET Clients
5 Troubleshoot the most common issues that occur when using Kaazing .NET CLient SDK clients. Troubleshoot Your Microsoft .NET Clients

Overview of Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework (.NET) provides a common language runtime, base libraries, and development technologies to build applications for Microsoft Windows desktop, mobile and server platforms.

For more information about the .NET Framework, visit http://www.microsoft.com/NET/.

WebSocket and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Kaazing Gateway provides client libraries that enable you to use HTML5 Communication protocols (for example, WebSocket and Server-Sent Events) in new or existing .NET Framework applications. For example, you can create a .NET application that receives streaming news data through Server-Sent Events (SSE). The following figure shows a high-level overview of the architecture:

.NET architecture overview
Figure: .NET architecture overview