Checklist: Build Microsoft .NET WebSocket Clients

This checklist provides the steps to enable your .NET Framework application to communicate with Kaazing Gateway using the signed client libraries:

# Step Topic or Reference
1 Learn about supported browsers, operating systems, and platform versions. Release Notes
2 Learn how to use the WebSocket API provided by the Kaazing .NET CLient SDK. Interact with Kaazing Gateway Using the WebSocket API
3 Learn how to authenticate your client with the Gateway. Secure Your Microsoft .NET Client
4 Set up logging for your Kaazing .NET client. Display Logs for .NET Clients
5 Troubleshoot the most common issues that occur when using Kaazing .NET CLient SDK clients. Troubleshoot Your Microsoft .NET Clients

Overview of Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework (.NET) provides a common language runtime, base libraries, and development technologies to build applications for Microsoft Windows desktop, mobile and server platforms.

For more information about the .NET Framework, visit

WebSocket and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Kaazing Gateway provides client libraries that enable you to use HTML5 Communication protocols (for example, WebSocket and Server-Sent Events) in new or existing .NET Framework applications. For example, you can create a .NET application that receives streaming news data through Server-Sent Events (SSE). The following figure shows a high-level overview of the architecture:

.NET architecture overview
Figure: .NET architecture overview