Checklist: Build Android WebSocket Clients

The following checklist provides the steps necessary to build Kaazing Android WebSocket clients to communicate with Kaazing Gateway:

# Step Topic of Reference
1 Learn about supported browsers, operating systems, and platform versions. Release Notes
2 Use the WebSocket API provided by the Kaazing Android client library to take advantage of the HTML5 WebSocket standard. Use the Kaazing Gateway Android Client API
3 Learn how to authenticate your Android client with the Gateway. Secure Your Java and Android Clients
4 Set up logging for your client. Display Logs for the Android Client


WebSocket and Android

Android is an operating system used by touchscreen smart phones and tablets. Android clients are developed in the Java programming language using the Android software development kit (SDK). The SDK includes development tools, software libraries, and an Android device emulator.

Kaazing WebSocket Gateway provides an Android WebSocket Client SDK to enable HTML5 WebSocket protocol communication in new or existing Android applications. For example, you can create an Android client to get streaming financial data from a back-end server using WebSocket. The following figure shows a high-level overview of the architecture:

Figure: Enable Communication Between Your Android Client and a Back-end Server over WebSocket

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