Public classByteBuffer
ByteBuffer provides an auto-expanding buffer.
Public classByteMessageEventArgs
Event arguments when binary messages are received
Public classByteOrder
Abstract class to represent BigEndian or LittleEndian byte order
Public classByteSocket
ByteSocket provies a full-duplex binary communications channel.
Public classCloseEventArgs
Event representing Close of a channel
Public classErrorEventArgs
Event representing an error while receiving HttpRequest response
Public classEventSource
EventSource provides access to remote Server-sent event streams.
Public classLoadEventArgs
Event representing completion (load) of HttpRequest
Public classMessageEventArgs
Event arguments when text-based messages are received
Public classOpenEventArgs
Event representing open of HttpRequest
Public classOrigin
Origin is security domain boundary for HTML 5 applications. It it composed of the scheme, host, and port of a URI.
Public classWebSocket
WebSocket provides a full-duplex text communications channel.


Public delegateByteMessageEventHandler
Delegate type for handling ByteMessage events
Public delegateCloseEventHandler
Delegate type for handling Close events
Public delegateErrorEventHandler
Delegate type for handling Error events
Public delegateLoadEventHandler
Delegate type for handling Load events
Public delegateMessageEventHandler
Delegate type for handling Message events
Public delegateOpenEventHandler
Delegate type for handling Open events