Troubleshoot Your Clients

Troubleshoot All Clients

“403 Forbidden Error” When a Client Attempts to Connect to the Gateway

Cause: A “403 Forbidden” error displays in the log after launching the Gateway and a client attempts to connect to it. This error can happen if the realm-name element for a service is set, but the authorization-constraint element for the same service is not properly configured in the Gateway configuration.

Solution: A service protected by user authentication and authorization must have both the realm and authorization-constraint configured. See the documentation for realm-name and authorization-constraint. Alternatively, if you do not want to configure security on the service, you can omit or comment out both the realm-name and authorization-constraint elements from the service.

Troubleshoot Specific Clients

The following topics describe how to troubleshoot clients built using the Kaazing Gateway Client APIs:

Client Platform Troubleshooting and Logging WebSocket Clients Troubleshooting and Logging JMS Clients
JavaScript Display Logs for the JavaScript Client Troubleshoot Your JavaScript JMS Client
Objective-C Troubleshoot Your Objective-C Client, Display Logs for the Objective-C Client Troubleshoot Your Objective-C JMS Client and Display Logs for the Objective-C JMS Client
Android Display Logs for the Android Client Display Logs for the Android JMS Client
.NET Troubleshoot Your Microsoft .NET Clients and Display Logs for .NET Clients Display Logs for .NET JMS Clients
Java Troubleshoot Your Java Client, Display Logs for the Java Client Troubleshoot Java JMS Clients and Display Logs for the Java JMS Client

Also, see Troubleshoot the Gateway for help troubleshooting your configuration, clusters, and security.