Checklist: Secure Your JMS Configuration

The following checklist provides the steps necessary to secure Kaazing Gateway integration with JMS-compliant message brokers.

# Step Topic or Reference
1 Use service properties to pass in the user name and password for connections made to the back-end message broker. Secure the Connection from the Gateway to the Message Broker
2 Configure JMS-specific authentication and authorization for JMS clients. Secure the Connection from Each Client to the Gateway
3 Stamp messages flowing from each client connected to the Gateway with an ID for auditing purposes. Configure Auditing Messages Produced by Clients
4 Configure the Gateway to connect to the JMS-compliant message broker using encrypted credentials. Configure the Gateway to Use Encrypted Credentials


Kaazing Gateway allows client applications to communicate directly with any JMS-compliant message broker. You can secure the connection between the Gateway and the JMS-compliant message broker.

It is common for JMS implementations to be configured with existing entitlement systems that govern which users can access certain topics or queues. The Gateway provides a set of configuration properties and a pluggable Java authorization API that allows you to integrate with your specific entitlement system.


Before you secure your JMS configuration, review Configure Authentication and Authorization.