Configure Authentication and Authorization

The following checklist provides the steps necessary to configure Kaazing Gateway to perform authentication and authorization:

# Step Topic or Reference
1 Learn about authentication and authorization. About Security with Kaazing Gateway, About Authentication and Authorization, and What’s Involved in Secure Communication
2 Learn how authentication and authorization work with the Gateway. What Happens During Authentication and How Authentication and Authorization Work with the Gateway
3 Define the method the Gateway uses to secure back-end systems and respond to security challenges. Configure the HTTP Challenge Scheme
4 Configure one or more login modules to handle the challenge/response authentication sequence of events with clients. Configure a Chain of Login Modules
5 Code your client to respond to the Gateway’s authentication challenge. Configure a Challenge Handler on the Client
6 Configure the Gateway to specify the user roles that are authorized to perform operations for Gateway services. Configure Authorization
7 Configure the Gateway to authorize or deny JMS operations performed by the client, using the JMSAuthorizationFactory. Secure the Connection from Each Client to the Gateway
Optional Inject bytes into a custom protocol or promote user credentials to the AMQP protocol. Implement Protocol Injection