A TemporaryQueue object is a unique Queue object created for the duration of a Connection. It is a system-defined queue that can be consumed only by the Connection that created it.

A TemporaryQueue object can be created at either the Session or QueueSession level. Creating it at the Session level allows to the TemporaryQueue to participate in transactions with objects from the Pub/Sub domain. If it is created at the QueueSession, it will only be able participate in transactions with objects from the PTP domain.

Namespace:  Kaazing.JMS
Assembly:  Kaazing.JMS (in Kaazing.JMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface ITemporaryQueue _
	Inherits IQueue, IDestination
public interface ITemporaryQueue : IQueue, 
Visual C++
public interface class ITemporaryQueue : IQueue, 

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