A Queue object encapsulates a provider-specific queue name. It is the way a client specifies the identity of a queue to JMS API methods. For those methods that use a Destination as a parameter, a Queue object used as an argument. For example, a queue can be used to create a MessageConsumer and a MessageProducer by calling:
  • Session.CreateConsumer(Destination destination)
  • Session.CreateProducer(Destination destination)

The actual length of time messages are held by a queue and the consequences of resource overflow are not defined by the JMS API.

Namespace:  Kaazing.JMS
Assembly:  Kaazing.JMS (in Kaazing.JMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface IQueue _
	Inherits IDestination
public interface IQueue : IDestination
Visual C++
public interface class IQueue : IDestination

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