An ObjectMessage object is used to send a message that contains a serializable object . It inherits from the Message interface and adds a body containing a single reference to an object. Only Serializable objects can be used.

If a collection of objects must be sent, one of the Collection classes provided since JDK 1.2 can be used.

When a client receives an ObjectMessage, it is in read-only mode. If a client attempts to write to the message at this point, a MessageNotWriteableException is thrown. If clearBody is called, the message can now be both read from and written to.

Namespace:  Kaazing.JMS
Assembly:  Kaazing.JMS (in Kaazing.JMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface IObjectMessage _
	Inherits IMessage
public interface IObjectMessage : IMessage
Visual C++
public interface class IObjectMessage : IMessage

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