A IDestination object encapsulates a provider-specific address. The JMS API does not define a standard address syntax. Although a standard address syntax was considered, it was decided that the differences in address semantics between existing message-oriented middleware (MOM) products were too wide to bridge with a single syntax.

Since IDestination is an administered object, it may contain provider-specific configuration information in addition to its address.

The JMS API also supports a client's use of provider-specific address names.

IDestination objects support concurrent use.

A IDestination object is a JMS administered object.

JMS administered objects are objects containing configuration information that are created by an administrator and later used by JMS clients. They make it practical to administer the JMS API in the enterprise.

Namespace:  Kaazing.JMS
Assembly:  Kaazing.JMS (in Kaazing.JMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface IDestination
public interface IDestination
Visual C++
public interface class IDestination

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