For application servers, IConnection objects provide a special facility for creating a IConnectionConsumer (optional). The messages it is to consume are specified by a Destination and a message selector. In addition, a IConnectionConsumer must be given a IServerSessionPool to use for processing its messages.

Normally, when traffic is light, a IConnectionConsumer gets a IServerSession from its pool, loads it with a single message, and starts it. As traffic picks up, messages can back up. If this happens, a IConnectionConsumer can load each ServerSession with more than one message. This reduces the thread context switches and minimizes resource use at the expense of some serialization of message processing.

Namespace:  Kaazing.JMS
Assembly:  Kaazing.JMS (in Kaazing.JMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface IConnectionConsumer
public interface IConnectionConsumer
Visual C++
public interface class IConnectionConsumer

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