Public classConnectionClosedException Obsolete.
Deprecated. Not used.
Public classConnectionDisconnectedException
Exception raised when the Gateway closes the client connection, typically due to a fatal error
Public classConnectionDroppedException
Exception raised when the JMS Connection to the server is dropped during operation
Public classConnectionFailedException
Exception raised when the JMS Connection could not be established with the server
Public classConnectionInterruptedException
Exception raised when the JMS Connection is interrupted between Gateway and JMS Server
Public classConnectionRestoredException

Exception raised when the JMS Connection is restored. When a connection is either interrupted(between the Gateway and the JMS Broker/Server) or dropped(between the JMS Client and the Gateway), the client will try to restore the connection periodically.

When the connection is either interrupted or dropped, the temporary destinations are automatically deleted. When the connection is eventually restored, JMS Client will have to do some internal book-keeping to make sure that the that the Gateway, JMS Broker/Server, and the JMS Client are all in sync. As part of this internal book-keeping, the JMS Client will automatically do the following:

  • Recreate the temporary destination objects on the client.
  • Recreate the associated MessageProducer and MessageConsumer objects on the client.
  • Re-send any messages that named a temporary destination in the JMSReplyTo property(which is set using Message.setJMSReplyTo() method/function).
  • Raise ConnectionRestoredException by invoking the ExceptionListener.onException() API so that the application code gets a chance to deal with the situation for any application specific functionality.

Public classGenericException
Wraps a generic exception inside a JMSException
Public classNotConnectedException
Exception raised when an operation could not complete because the Connection was not established
Public classReconnectFailedException
Exception thrown when a reconnect was attempted but failed
Public classStompConnectionFactory
JMS Client implementation of ConnectionFactory. Used to create a connection with a JMS provider via a WebSocket connection. Also provides the ability to set the Gateway location dynamically
Public classStompConnectionProperties
Various Stomp connection properties
Public classTransactionNotCommittedException
Exception raised when a JMS Transaction has reported back as not committed prior to connection close. It is possible that the transaction was committed by the broker, but a network interruption caused the receipt to be lost in flight.
Public classTransactionRolledBackException
Exception raised when a JMS Transaction is rolled back due to an error