About Integrating Kaazing Gateway and JMS-Compliant Message Brokers

Kaazing Gateway allows client applications to communicate directly with any JMS-compliant message broker (for example, TIBCO EMS, IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries), and Informatica Ultra Messaging by way of the jms service. It is common for JMS implementations to be configured with existing entitlement systems that govern which users can access certain topics or queues.

The Gateway shares a small number of privileged connections to the JMS-compliant message broker while servicing a significantly higher number of independent clients. Because the Gateway’s authentication is independent of the JMS-compliant message broker, it must manage fine-grained authorization for each of the connected clients. Messages may be originating from an untrusted source location and the Gateway offers the opportunity to track the originating user and application.

The following topics describe how to integrate the Gateway with a JMS-compliant message broker, and troubleshoot common problems:

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