Class AmqpPrincipal

  extended by com.kaazing.gateway.amqp.server.spi.AmqpPrincipal
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AmqpPrincipal
extends Object
implements Principal

AmqpPrincipal is used to inject credentials into AMQP 0.9.1 messages. To implement single-sign-on, developers can setup AmqpPrincipal in the Subject their existing LoginModule implementation like this:

The username and password from AmqpPrincipal will be encoded using AMQPLAIN SASL mechanism and then injected into the AMQP protocol.

Constructor Summary
AmqpPrincipal(String name, char[] password)
Method Summary
 String getName()
 char[] getPassword()
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Constructor Detail


public AmqpPrincipal(String name,
                     char[] password)
Method Detail


public String getName()
Specified by:
getName in interface Principal


public char[] getPassword()

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