Public classAmqpArguments
AmqpArguments is a table of optional arguments for AMQP commands
Public classAmqpChannel
AmqpChannel represents the channel created on the AMQP connection to the server. Declaring of exchanges, queues, binding queues to exchanges, sending and receiving messages and transactions are handled using methods on this class.
Public classAmqpClient
AmqpClient provides a WebSocket-based API to communicate with any AMQP 0.9x server, such as Apache QPid.
Public classAmqpEventArgs
AmqpEventArgs is dispatched to event listeners and callback functions registered when using AmqpClient and AmqpChannel.
Public classAmqpProperties

AmqpProperties class is used to specify the pre-defined properties as per AMQP 0-9-1 specification. This class provides type-safe convenience getters and setters for the pre-defined or standard AMQP properties.

The value of the "headers" property is of type AmqpArguments. Kaazing AMQP implementation uses AmqpArguments to encode the "table". Similarly, Kaazing AMQP implementation decodes the "table" and constructs an instance of AmqpArguments.

Public classAmqpTableEntry
TableEntry corresponds to an entry in the AmqpArguments list/table.


Public delegateAmqpEventHandler
Delegate type for handling AMQP events