Gateway-Config Reference

This document describes the top-level gateway-config element.


You must specify the gateway-config element in the Gateway configuration file (gateway-config.xml) to configure Kaazing Gateway.


Define the gateway-config element as the top-level element in your configuration file, under which you can specify any of the subordinate configuration elements:

- service
- service-defaults
- security
- cluster

Required? Required; Occurs: exactly one

gateway-config element is the root-level element for gateway configuration. gateway-config contains the following elements:

Element Description
service The element for configuring a gateway service (see service reference)
service-defaults The element for configuring default options gateway service (see service-defaults reference)
security The element for configuring gateway security (see security reference)
cluster The element for configuring gateway clustering (see cluster reference)


The following is an example gateway-config element:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>




Kaazing Gateway configuration files must use the namespace: ``. See About Kaazing Gateway Namespace Declarations for more information about namespaces.


In this document, you learned about the Gateway gateway-config configuration element and how to specify it in your Gateway configuration file. For more information about the location of the configuration files and starting the Gateway, see Setting Up the Gateway. For more information about Kaazing Gateway administration, see the documentation.