Configure the Gateway to Use Multicast

This procedure demonstrates how to configure a service that is running on Kaazing Gateway to use a multicast address.

For the multicast connections, the Gateway uses UDP for the back-end server connection and Server-Sent Events (SSE) or WebSocket for the front-end client connections. Using this configuration, the Gateway enables the LAN-based UDP protocol to be broadcast over the Web.

To configure a service to use multicast, you must specify the following elements in the Gateway configuration file (for example, GATEWAY_HOME/conf/gateway-config.xml):

The following example shows a broadcast service using a multicast address. The broadcast service connects to a back-end service, and sends any messages from the back-end service outwards to clients connected over the address in its accept.

In the example, data packets sent using UDP multicast from udp:// to the Gateway will be broadcast to all server-sent events (SSE) clients connected to the Gateway at address sse:// The sse:// scheme is used for SSE connections. To learn more about SSE, see Using server-sent events from MDN.

  <name>Broadcast multicast messages</name>



    <!-- <udp.interface>[@Windows Network Interface Description]</udp.interface> -->



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