DisasterAWARE Enterprise:

Natural hazard intelligence for the global economy

DisasterAWARE Enterprise brings fifteen years of expertise at the Pacific Disaster Center to the enterprise market, augmenting your C/EM tools with government-grade natural hazard intelligence to ensure business continuity and protection for your people, property and production.

  • People

    People, are at the heart of all businesses. Whether traveling for the company, working in remote locations or simply based at home, organisations must track and support workers in diverse locations. Long-term risk, immediate hazard, and mitigating those risks are key emergency management functions. DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides key historic, current and predictive information on global hazards.

  • Property

    Nature does not respect human boundaries and destruction can fall anywhere. DisasterAWARE Enterprise can provide vital input at planning stages with historical environmental information and in execution with predictive tracking of hazards such as storms and hurricanes. DisasterAWARE Enterprise is critical tool for facilities managers with responsibility for operational conditions as well as business continuity managers.

  • Production

    Every business is now part of a global economy. We all rely on supply chains that span the world. Even if your own business doesn’t deal directly with remote locations, your suppliers do. DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides essential insight into the conditions on those routes, with early warning of problems to shipping, manufacturing and outsource centers. Extra time allows companies to locate alternative sources or suppliers to ensure continuity of production.

  • Forewarned is Forearmed

    In today’s global economy, disasters constantly threaten the safety of your staff and the disruption of your business operations. Storms, floods, earthquakes, and similar events frequently trigger a domino effect, causing serious, and at times irreparable, harm to your employees, suppliers and business.

    Are you prepared for the unexpected?

  • DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, powered by the PDC’s cloud-based platform running on Kaazing technology, provides commercial enterprises with high-quality, real-time information about natural disasters and other emergency situations. You can easily integrate information from different sources, identify locations and routes at risk, and provide situational awareness, decision support, and information to disaster management decision makers. This highly visual and intuitive application is the most comprehensive solution available today to help you increase your business’ resilience to natural disasters, improve your planning processes and execute your business continuity plans. DisasterAWARE has been under development for the last 15 years by leading industry professionals, and used operationally by US and international agencies for a decade. This unrivaled source of information and insight is now available to your business.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise Capabilities

  • General (3:52)

    Explore the overall capabilitiesof DisasterAWARE Enterprise and the basic concepts behind its powerful visualization engine.

  • Storms (4:14)

    Recent years have seen a sudden rise in violent storms as ocean temperatures rise. DisasterAWARE Enterprise allows you to track storm movements in near real-time as well as predicting likely trajectory.

  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis (4:09)

    Early understanding the impact of earthquakes and tsunamis on your business can provide vital time to establish alternative sources for key components or materials. DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides this information as events unfold.

  • Historic Storm Tracks (2:06)

    Some areas are much more prone to storms than others. Historic storm tracks can help identify risk areas in your property or supply chain.

  • Deep Insight (3:36)

    Based on two decades of research into natural hazards, DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides great depth of data, both historic and predictive, about the many hazards faced by global businesses.

  • Situational Awareness (3:51)

    Knowing what is happening on the ground during an incident is vital to ensuring staff safety. Extensive, government-grade reportings is available within DisasterAWARE Enterprise, bringing the same level of information available to first responders to commercial organisations for the first time.

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