September 12, 2016

Aucnet Upgrades Auction System Enabling 50msec Price Updates via WebSocket

Auction management giant, Aucnet (Minato, Tokyo)is promoting a revolution in core auction systems. In the spring of 2016 they began using a powerful new bidding system in their auctions for used, four-wheel vehicles. The main feature is an auction function that refreshes prices on-screen every 50 milliseconds using the bidirectional WebSocket communication protocol. Moving forward, […]


Posted by: Kaazing Staffing

June 15, 2016

Container World 2016 – Questions and Answers

John Fallows, Kaazing Co-Founder, President and CTO, participating on the Keynote Panel on Day 2 of ContainerWorld 2016. THE HYBRID CLOUD AND NETWORKS [John Fallows]  Containers are designed to isolate a workplace, right? And you know when we talk about hybrid cloud, it could be that we are talking about the ability to migrate workloads […]


Posted by: Robin Zimmerman

June 18, 2015

News from the KAAZING Development Team

KAAZING’s Java netx WebSocket implementation is ‘wait-free’ and ‘garbage-free’ with higher performance compared to earlier versions. Now, there’s a choice of message-based or streaming APIs. Applications can use the streaming API anywhere they previously used InputStream or OutputStream, including URLConnections to take advantage of WebSocket. Check it out. The team stabilized and productized KAAZING Gateway […]


Posted by: Mike Dove

June 4, 2015

News from the KAAZING Development Team

KAAZING’s Java/WebSocket and Objective-C (iOS)/WebSocket client libraries are now available on GitHub. These clients can talk to any RFC 6455 endpoint (like KAAZING Gateway. See the demos or try it out yourself against Find the repos and documentation for Java client, iOS client, and JavaScript client. Now you can contribute directly to KAAZING’s documentation! […]


Posted by: Mike Dove

February 12, 2015

Let Your Mind Be Blown in 60 Seconds

If you have been left out of the real-time Web so far, you got to see this 60 second demo. You can try it out and learn about it, too! Enjoy!


Posted by: Peter Moskovits