BMC leveraged the KWIC product for agile infrastructure-to-infrastructure communications

BMC is a leader in the business service management (BSM) software sector. They are the 20th largest software company in the world measured by annual revenue. BMC develops, markets and sells software to large real-time enterprises for data center automation optimization, IT services performance management and cloud computing management. A key product for BMC is their Remedy OnDemand cloud platform which administers and manages their service management software in the cloud on behalf of their customers.

Business Challenge
BMC’s Remedy On-demand product allows their customers to gain all the benefits of their traditional on-premises Remedy software (as well as their MyIT and SmartIT products) and provides a fully-managed offering remotely in the cloud. To offer these cloud-based products to customers, BMC requires a high performance and direct connection to their customers’ premises. Typically this was solved by installing a virtual private connection (VPN) to every customer. However, this solution required special security access on both ends of the connection and many weeks of security and
policy authorization approvals. The typical delay of 4 to 6 weeks presents a huge loss of revenue to BMC.

Kaazing’s Solution
BMC turned to Kaazing and leveraged the KWIC product for agile infrastructure-to-infrastructure (cloud-to-cloud) connectivity. KWIC allowed BMC to create a secure on-demand connection between
their cloud and their customers’ on-premises network. In literally 10 minutes, BMC’s customers are able to download, install and securely connect services in real-time over the Internet. BMC embeds
Kaazing’s technology in their “Client Gateway” and allows high performance network performance without the need for a VPN.