November 17, 2011

The Industry’s Best WebSocket Emulation: Real Time Web Apps for ALL Your Customers (Even If They’re on IE6!)

With increasing support for HTML5 and WebSocket in modern web browsers and mobile devices, cutting-edge web application developers are turning their attention to building apps that leverage true real-time communication between browsers and back-end servers. On paper, WebSockets look very promising: bandwidth overhead is a tiny fraction of that of HTTP and latency is drastically […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits

October 13, 2011

Forex Trading App – WebSocket Demo that Your Boss Should See

In this demo I walk you through our live Foreign Exchange Demo. This sample gives you a first hand experience how radically different types of applications you can build using HTML5 WebSockets. And best of all, it runs equally fine in Safari on the iPad – give it a try! I know, I may be […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits

February 17, 2010

HTML5 Web Sockets and Pipelining

Makoto Inoue raised a good point about my recent post related to WebSocket speed versus XHR: “The reason Websocket version is way faster than XHR is because the Websocket example uses HTTP pipelining while the XHR example does not. XHR pipelining was disabled, because it is is not supported on Google Chrome. If you disable the use of pipelining […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits