February 28, 2012

HTML5 WebSocket Security is Strong

This is a two-part blog post that discusses HTML5 WebSocket and security. In this, the first post, I will talk about the security benefits that come from being HTTP-compatible and the WebSocket standard itself. In the second post, Kaazing WebSocket Gateway Security is Strong, I highlight some of the extra security capabilities that Kaazing WebSocket Gateway […]


Posted by: Robin Zimmerman

February 27, 2012

WebSockets versus REST: a Kaazing Perspective

There’s a great discussion going on over at InfoQ about the role and future of REST in light of WebSockets. Mark Little’s article collects a handful of quotes and opinions around the topic, giving a well rounded view. With a few exceptions there is a consensus that while WebSockets may not completely take over Web […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits

February 8, 2012

How to Tell If Your WebSocket Connection Is Native or Emulated

How can you tell if your WebSocket connection is native or emulated? This question came up during our recent webcast. First, this isn’t something you need to loose sleep over, your WebSocket server should take care of this automatically for you, that is falling back to the most efficient emulation if native support is not […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits

February 1, 2012

VNC over WebSockets

What makes WebSockets especially compelling is that they allow you to extend the reach of enterprise protocols, like JMS, XMPP and AMQP, all the way to the browser. In this demonstration I show an example of implementing the VNC protocol, RFB, over WebSockets. This 3 minute demo features a windows machine running a VNC server. […]


Posted by: Peter Moskovits