About Us

Kaazing provides simple, secure, and real-time solutions for enterprise-grade digital transformation.

By using Kaazing’s enterprise-grade solutions, customers can securely and cost-effectively respond to digital consumers’ demand for personalized services and support via real-time web and mobile apps. With Kaazing, customers can dramatically reduce the IT costs and time associated with securely connecting systems, and can move their services from on-premise to cloud to containers without requiring changes to their applications.

Organizations of all types and sizes across a wide range of industries are increasingly moving towards hybrid cloud environments, and this shift is creating significant performance issues for CIOs and CISOs, not to mention security concerns. These technology decision-makers are facing the realization that in order to achieve real-time performance and LAN-like security for applications that span private and public clouds, they need to implement a modernized technology architecture. As a result, this “app-centric economy” is driving organizations to seek a comprehensive and robust technology platform to help them compete in their respective markets – as customer demands for innovative, app-based offerings continue to skyrocket.

As the creator of the widely-adopted WebSocket standard, Kaazing offers a range of digital transformation products with unmatched performance, security, scalability and integration capabilities to seamlessly enable next generation private and hybrid cloud deployments for applications across a wide range of industries, including financial services and the logistics/transportation sector. Kaazing is a Docker Certified Partner and our commercial products are available on the Docker Store, and available for download here. Kaazing’s products are easily deployed and run on Cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace, etc.

Kaazing customers include:

  • Three of the world’s top ten banks
  • One of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies
  • One of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks
  • One of the top three transportation companies in the United States
  • One of America’s top three professional sports franchises
  • Three of the world’s top commercial airlines
  • One of the world’s best known cable and satellite networks
  • One of the world’s most valuable retail brands.

Kaazing’s technology is covered by a number of issued and pending patents.