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Pioneers OF Realtime

Kaazing technology powers some of the most demanding applications out there. As one of the original pioneers of the WebSocket standard, we’ve been solving realtime for close to a decade

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Build Realtime Apps, Really Easily

Whether it’s stock prices, betting odds, geotracking or push updates, add realtime features to your web and mobile apps. A distributed cloud-based service ensures the highest reliability and performance. Unlike other services out there, Kaazing requires no vendor SDKs so your features will work on any device on any platform.

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Accelerate REST APIs

Who said REST can’t be realtime? Stop polling your REST APIs and have Kaazing dynamically deliver updates from them the moment they are available to any client, anywhere. Offload your backend and deliver a much smoother user experience.

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Streamline IoT Systems

Simplify IoT deployments by having Kaazing securly bridge devices and sensors with your backend. Advanced protocol translation capabilities allows you to alleviate the troubles of having to stand up and manage MQTT and AMQP brokers.

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Key Benefits

Web standard APIs only

Enterprise ready: no open firewall ports required

Millions of messages / second

Encryption, Authentication and authorization