Kaazing offers a WebSocket Gateway that provides the industry’s most extensive and amazing WebSocket emulation that enables any browser (modern or not) to support the HTML5 WebSocket standard APIs. Kaazing’s WebSocket emulation is a proven technology, currently deployed in a number of enterprise customers all over the world, and gives end users a hassle-free, “it just works” experience.

Developers can work in a fully transparent environment, using client libraries that enable them to simply code against standard WebSocket APIs. When an end user interacts with a WebSocket application, Kaazing’s WebSocket emulation technology kicks in when native WebSocket support is unavailable, giving the user a seamless experience.

At Kaazing, we strongly believe that as a developer, you must have the ability to provide a first class experience to every user of your applications on whatever browser or mobile device they choose. With Kaazing WebSocket Gateway, the performance of the emulated WebSocket connection is virtually the same as native WebSocket performance making provisioning of your systems simple and easy.

And there is more …

In addition to supporting the standard WebSocket APIs for browsers all the way back to IE6, Kaazing’s emulation technology supports additional client technologies such as Flex/Flash, .NET, Silverlight, Java to mention a few. It also comes with full emulation support for secure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with WebSocket and Cross-Document Messaging (postMessage) providing you with the most powerful and amazing tool to build any type of application for any type of browser, device, or platform.

WebSocket APIs for browsers

What’s the difference?

So, what is the basic difference in between the Kaazing's WebSocket emulation and other solutions claiming the same? Kaazing is a high-performance Web communication platform that enables standard WebSocket communication. It is the only platform today that provides emulation of the WebSocket transport layer so that you can write your code once based on the standard WebSocket API and deploy it anywhere, no matter if WebSocket is available or not. Other solutions does not emulate the WebSocket standard or its APIs. If they do provide some bridge for older versions of browsers it is a fallback solution where Websocket is used as a transport mechanism when it's available, but falls back to long polling and Flash Sockets when WebSocket is not available. On top of that they also force you to develop your Web applications against a proprietary protocol or API that is not based on any standards. In contrast, Kaazing allows you to write your applications based entirely on the Websocket standard including the WebSocket APIs, and open standards such as AMQP or any other protocol that you, as a customer, decide to use. In other words, Kaazing provides you with the full advantage of ALL the benefits that the WebSocket standard has to offer.