Now you can be up and running with the World’s most powerful high-performance Web communication platform in only a matter of minutes.

Kaazing in the Cloud

  • Worldwide Availability
  • Cost Effective
  • On Demand
  • Simple

Getting Started

  • Three Steps
  • Easy and Simple
  • In Minutes
  • Rocket to Production
Kaazing AWS User Guide

How it Works

  • High Availability & Clustering
  • Enterprise Security
  • Unified Architecture
  • Full Control of Deployment
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Price Analysis

  • One Model
  • Flexible
  • On Demand
  • Inexpensive
Kaazing in the cloud delivers unprecedented performance, cost-effective messaging from your backend, over the Web, to any desktop and Mobile devices. Allowing you to outsource the basics of your infrastructure while retaining complete control of your Security, Customers and Environment. Why settle for solutions that limit you to certain scale or message rate when you can leverage the power of Kaazing and the Living Web, and deliver Kaazillion messages per second on demand. You can build your own online real-time service by making use of the only WebSocket solution that has been optimized for enterprise environments – and thanks to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) now available globally in Amazon’s seven regions. Flexible, Easy, and Limitless Web Power Kaazing Cloud Kaazing’s Cloud offering leverages Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide you with flexible and limitless Web communication capacity in the cloud. With Amazon EC2’s web service interface you can obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction, and with complete control of your Kaazing resources. As we are all aware of, Amazon changed the economics of computing by allowing us to pay only for capacity that we actually use, a model that we extend and that allows you to pay on demand. No complicated pricing models for different usage scenarios – doesn’t matter if it is for an enterprise application or a one time sports event or advertising campaign. SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, and FLEXIBLE.