Kaazing is helping define the future of the event-driven enterprise by accelerating the Web for the Internet of Things.

The company’s IoT gateway – a software-based WebComms (web communications) platform – enables mobile users, marketplaces and machines to connect and communicate in real-time, more reliably and at unprecedented scale. Kaazing customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks, one of the top three transportation companies in the USA, one of the world’s top five commercial airlines, one of the world’s best known cable and satellite networks, and one of the world’s most valuable retail brands. Kaazing’s founders pioneered and championed the groundbreaking HTML5 WebSocket standard and drive Kaazing’s platform software innovations from defining the architecture of the Kaazing product suite to overseeing its development and subsequent implementation in enterprises.

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